7 Tips for Eco-friendly Travelling

7 Tips for Eco-friendly Travelling
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Tips for Eco-friendly Travelling

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of tourism industry key players taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. According to data from Sustainable Travel Report, 87% of travellers want to be eco-conscious throughout their trip. However, only 30% of them were able to achieve this.

But average citizens must remember that no matter how small, as long as it’s environmentally conscious, you’re already contributing. Here are some simple tips for greener travel:

1. Unplug before leaving

Do you know that leaving an LCD television unplugged has an hourly standby usage of 2.3 watts? Calculate that if you’re out of the house for a week!

Whether it’s a month-long vacation abroad or a 3-day trip to a neighbouring town, make sure to unplug everything before leaving your home. Not only to reduce energy consumption and save money but also to prevent accidents.

2. Do you really need to take multiple shoes?

 This might sound trivial, but leaving some of your things has a significant environmental impact. If your luggage is lighter, it means the aeroplane will weigh less. This translates to less fuel consumption needed to defy gravity.

While we understand that you’d like to sport different fabulous outfits during the trip, it’s a small sacrifice for future generations. Here are some travel fashion ideas.

3. Leave no trace

The tourism industry has this popular adage,” Take only memories and leave only footprints.” That means you must observe proper garbage disposal at all times. Pick up some trash you see in the forest or on the beach and put them in the right place. As much as possible, avoid single-use containers.

Take only memories and leave only footprints
Take only memories and leave only footprints image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

4. Book non-stop flights

Most of us wouldn’t prefer layovers. There are the long hours of waiting, the hassle of rechecking your luggage and finding a seat in a sea of bored travellers. But the extra fee for a non-stop flight is undoubtedly worth it because it reduces fuel consumption and pollution.

5. Eco-bags are the hottest fashion

Many of us aren’t aware of the amount of plastic we use and dispose of in one holiday. It takes decades to centuries for plastics to completely degrade. And while waiting, plastics destroy natural habitats. Now, don’t think of yourself as the bad guy. It’s only normal for us to seek more straightforward solutions. Thankfully, there are plenty of reusable bags for all sorts of things these days.

6. Eat local!

According to beachumbrella advisor, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture is by eating its cuisines. Instead of ordering the food you’re familiar with (which means no McDonald’s!), go out there and try the local treats.

Eating local food reduces carbon footprint, supports local vendors, and makes your holiday more adventurous. You might meet new friends in one of those stalls!

7. Commute like a local

 Another way to experience the destination is by commuting like a local. So, what if it’s a bit hot and crowded? Those little struggles make the moment more genuine. You’ll get a glimpse of the “public transport culture”. What do locals wear to work? How do they pass the time inside the train? What are the signs inside the bus?

You’re reducing the carbon emissions from private vehicles that contain only a few people by taking public transportation.


Feature Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay


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