Kayaking: One of The Best Sports for Stress Relief

Kayaking is a common water sport
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Kayaking for Stress Relief

Disruptions due to the pandemic, the increasing pressure brought by social media and an uncertain future — all of these can take a toll on our mental health. According to a survey, 60% of Australian workers feel stressed out at least once a week.

Stress is natural, and it is crucial for survival. However, we must only tolerate a certain level of stress and proactively prevent it from crossing the threshold. Experts advise that we take on various activities that will allow us to relax and recharge—like kayaking.

Kayaking is a common water sport, usually among travellers and tourists. While some might find it a must-try activity, others use it as a stress reliever.

Improves Your Physical State

A healthy mind lives within a healthy body. Kayaking is a great aerobic exercise that engages the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and legs. It’s also low-impact, which means it’s suitable for individuals suffering from joint pain.

This water activity improves muscle strength, promotes blood circulation, and strengthens the heart. According to a study, 16 weeks of regular exercise has the same effect as anti-depressant prescriptions in treating older individuals who were previously not physically active.

Exercise can act as an outlet for tension. Instead of beating yourself up with negative thoughts, use the energy to improve your body.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Kayaking can be enjoyed by adults and kids (age limits apply!). It’s an ideal activity if you want to spend quality time with each other because it’s performed in a serene setting.

Kayaking can be enjoyed by adults and kids

The dazzling blue waters of Pittwater and the breathtaking panoramic views can take the stress off your minds. You can swim at a secluded beach, where you’ll have the perfect time to catch up. Then, relive memories and share some laughter while enjoying a light snack. The daredevils in the group may jump off at Great Mackerel Beach!

You won’t even have to stress about the equipment and itinerary because there are group kayak adventures!

Allows You to Explore Nature

For hundreds of years, nature has been linked with relaxation and well-being. According to a recent study, green environments and natural sounds alter our brain connections, which tames our natural fight-or-flight instinct.

Oxygen levels also affect our serotonin levels, the hormone responsible for mood, memory, and appetite. And you can get a lot of fresh air when kayaking!

Just imagine paddling through gentle waters as it is covered in soft morning colours. Did you know that only 120 minutes with nature can improve health and well-being?

Helps You Concentrate

“It isn’t easy to make sound decisions when you’re thinking of too many things simultaneously. The problem is, sometimes the head space becomes too cluttered that you don’t know what to prioritise.”, describes Shane Perry, a financial analyst at Max Funding.

When kayaking, your attention is focused on each paddle and the rhythm of your strides. Your arms and legs coordinate their movements with the movement of water. At the same time, your breathing is increased. These put you in a meditative state, allowing you to ponder one thought at a time.

Get rid of stress, immerse yourself in tranquillity, and improve your health with kayaking!


Images by: thatsphotography from Pixabay

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