Things To Do In Perth This Winter

Things To Do In Perth This Winter
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Things To Do In Perth This Winter

Perths Winterfest is going to be better than ever this year, and there are a lot of exciting events happening around the city of Perth. The Perth Winter Fest is an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, while enjoying everything Perth has to offer.

In addition to the Borealis and the Winter Lights in Brookfield Place, there are many more FREE events and activities in Perth city limits that you can enjoy during this winter. Even better, Perth has an incredible amount of street art and public art to see, so you are really getting caught up on a mid-term. Most people are aware of the WA Museum in the city, but did you know that other museums all over Perth have lots of interactive children’s displays, often great activities to do during school holidays. You would be surprised at how many things you can do with kids at The Art Gallery, they have a drawing space that is interactive, and trails that kids can walk, get on a train into Perth and make a morning or afternoon out of it.

Several centres are closed during Perth’s winter days too, but do not worry: you are not going to just sit and stare at your hotel furniture–the city still offers plenty of other interesting activities to make the tourist’s visit worth their time. While many cities provide plenty of activities during summer, most of their tourism centres are closed, and many activities are impossible to take part in during the winter months. While Perth is known for its beaches, wilderness, and hiking trails, cold, wet weather does not always make those activities look as attractive. Just because it is raining outside does not mean Perth does not have plenty of interesting things to do.

Whether you are looking for a couples getaway to the hotel, luxe shopping or foodie adventures to be remembered, Perth city has a ton of things to do this winter. There is literally no excuse not to make the most of your time in Perth this winter, and there is always something that will catch your fancy, long or short. When looking for places to visit in Western Australia, the city break is not usually at the top of the list, but well worth the effort, with beautiful sandy beaches on one side, mountain bike riding on the other, plus an array of gourmet treats, waterfalls, markets, cultural adventures, and other great things to do in Perth.

Visiting the Fremantle Markets is definitely one of the best things to do in Perth, even if you are not into shopping. One of Western Australia’s top tourism destinations, the Fremantle Markets is one you simply cannot miss this winter. You can walk along the Fremantle Markets Heritage Trail and discover the weekend markets’ role in Perth’s history, check out a petting zoo, or sample some of the specialties sold at The Hall.

Perths famous blue boat house
Perths famous blue boat house image by Tracey Wong from Pixabay

For foodies and wine lovers, delve into the wine regions of Western Australias Swan Valley and Margaret River and enjoy the verdant landscape, or explore Perths charming scene of tiny bars. Spend an afternoon in Subiaco, enjoying delicious coffee, visiting boutique designers, farmers markets, homeware stores, and some of Perths most unique coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. If adventure is what you fancy, take a sailboat tour with Charter 1 around Perths spectacular coastline, go fishing, or try your hand at some thrilling watersports.

Be prepared for the most thrilling waterslide experience in Perth; Perths year-round water park and attractions, Outback Splash, ensure an enjoyable afternoon for the entire family. GoGo Active Tours provides guided, safe, organised cycling and kayaking tours of some of Perths best-known highlights; Off The Beaten Track runs hikes and outdoors experiences in Perths rolling hills; The Hike Collective offers family-friendly backpacking experiences, while GPS Adventure Tours takes you to Perths top hot spots for stargazing.

We also got a few awesome local companies that are well-known for offering guided tours to Perths and surrounding areas best outdoors, giving you a chance to improve both your mental and physical health, whilst discovering new places and making more friends. Here are 10 of the best places and attractions to explore in Perth this winter while staying at the Crowne Plaza. If the buzz of the capital Perth gets you down, you could check out Rottnest Island, head out on a day tour of Margaret River, wander through the foliage of the Botanic Garden at Kings Park, or go on a food and wine tour through Swan Valley vineyards.

From skating to date nights, the northern lights to the pop-up hot tubs, Perth will not be freezing this winter. Perth comes to life during winter, with everything from movie festivals and arts festivals, to pop-up bars and downtown skating, never lacking for something new to try. From June 28-21, Perths Pop-Up Skating Rink is open to anyone at any skill level, conveniently located downtown on Elizabeth Quay.

Skating At returns to Perth this winter, featuring their iconic skating rink, entertainment, skating rides, and tasty food and beverage options, all located on Elizabeth Quay. Hop onto a ferry boat at the Elizabeth Quay boat landing and take the lovely half-hour boat trip over the Swan River into South Perth.

The South Perth waterfront is also a good place to cycle around, with a beautiful view over Perth. With amazing views of Perth and surrounding areas, Kings Park is perfect for winter riding, and is also the perfect place for that next Instagram picture with the storm clouds rolling over. Perth is one place that you fall in love with the moment you arrive, and you are going to be shocked by all of the cool things to do in the surrounding areas in this part of the country.

Winter is an excellent time to visit a wildlife park, zoo, or aquarium, as cooler weather makes exploring more enjoyable. It is recommended that you take an entire day to Perth Zoo in order to have as great an experience as possible, with 1500+ animals to discover and a stunning landscape to explore. Make sure you have got a freezer loaded for the winter with some of the finest products available in Perths fields, and check out the vendors at Perths regular farmers markets as well as Winter Festival markets.

Feature Image by Kaz Peirce from Pixabay

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