6 Reasons Why You Should Use Sugar Cane Straws Over Paper Straws

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Sugar Cane Straws Over Paper Straws
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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Sugar Cane Straws Over Paper Straws

One of the most significant contributions to our plastic crisis is single-use plastic straws. They decompose into small fragments, which either pollute our waters or drift about in the ocean, wreaking havoc on animals and upsetting the natural balance. Sugar cane straws may be the answer if you’ve been looking for a decent alternative that isn’t detrimental to the environment.

“Manufactured from sugarcane fibres, this plant-based product is 100 % organic and sustainable—very eco-friendly. Zero-waste,” says Callum Cook, Earth warrior and yoga instructor at Poses-Yoga.

Embracing a plastic-free lifestyle is something that we can all strive for, and a sugar cane straw is a big start in the right direction.

Here are six winning reasons to use sugar cane straws over paper straws.

1. Sugar Cane Straws Don’t Get Soggy

Paper straws have risen to prominence after the single-use plastic ban. Paper straws provide several obvious advantages. However, one disadvantage of paper straws is that they may disintegrate right in the middle of your drink by getting wet, resulting in an unpleasant aftertaste.

Sugarcane straws don’t quickly get soggy. Thus they may be used in liquids indefinitely for extended periods. They’re also excellent for hot beverages and have a mild brown sugar-sweet fragrance. We don’t utilise any coatings or colours in our Sugarcane Straws—typical paper straws features.

2. Lesser Risk For The Environment

We understand you don’t want us to warn you concerning climate change’s danger. However, we feel responsible for letting you know that cutting some trees to produce paper as paper straws to its manufacturing up to the terrible treatments after it loses its function contributes significantly to global warming.

Sugar cane straws are ethically obtained from farms and plantations with abundant sugarcane. There is no threat of deforestation!

You can help the planet save trees and reduce carbon footprints by adopting reusable sugarcane straws and inspiring others to do the same. It may seem unimportant, but the more who make the switch and speak about it, the more significant the impact.

3. Sugar Cane Straws Has Stories To Share

If you’d like to send a message, sugar cane straws are a unique and straightforward approach. Trademarks, emblems, hashtags, names and stories may be etched on sugar cane straws. They are adorable and highlight the artisan skills of their makers.

Little Green Panda’s sugar cane straws are clean, safe and sanitary. When you combine that with the ability to share your message, you’ve got yourself a winner – whether it’s a promotional item or to add a distinctive touch to a wedding or celebration.

4. Sugar Cane Straws Are Safer And Ethical Than Paper Straws

Are sugar cane straws recyclable? Why are they better for the environment than paper straws? These are common inquiries, and we’re always happy to inform customers that our sugar cane straws are devoid of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances—they are very safe to drink from.

Milk Chocolate Bottle Straw
Milk Chocolate Bottle Straw Image by JernejaR from Pixabay

They’re also excellent for kids; you can get sugar cane straws strong enough to push through the richest milkshakes or boba drinks with those delicious tapioca pearls that kids love!  If you were wondering, sugar cane straws pose no threat to the planet if collected responsibly.

5. Sugar Cane Straws Are Travel-friendly

A single-use plastic straw substitute must be your must-have if you travel often. Sugar cane straws are compact enough to carry in a day bag and simple to wash on the move with the included straw cleaner. Compostable sugar cane straws make for an elegant cocktail straw or a matching pair to your water bottle. These compostable straws are perfect for enjoying freshly squeezed juice on the beach or basking in a spectacular view on a city trip. While you’re at it, inspire other travellers about lowering their carbon footprint.

6. Sugar Cane Straws Last Longer

We promote any recyclable straw manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, whether sugarcane straws, wheat straws, or bamboo straws. Paper straws are lovely, and they provide a blank canvas for designers and businesses to express themselves. A reusable sugar cane straw, on the other hand, has an extended shelf life. They’re stylish, robust, and simple to clean off between smoothie slurps.

However, if you ever need to replace your home compostable, eco-friendly drinking buddy, you toss it in the bin, and it will naturally disintegrate. No single-use plastic straw will ever be able to do this.

Make The Switch To Sugar Cane Straws

Aussie Lives is one with the Australian citizens in minimising the harmful effects of single-use plastics. We realise we won’t be able to turn off the plastic faucet overnight. Still, we can use nature and sophisticated technology to produce straws that vanish in a matter of weeks rather than millennia.

If you use sugar cane straws—or any of our recyclable straws manufactured from environmentally friendly materials—you’ll be at peace to use purely organic, bioplastic-free, sustainable, gluten-free and ethically made straws.

Feature Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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